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Herbal Bowel Regulator with the power of 7 versatile herbs

Indications: Improves digestion naturally, Restores bowel movement. Relieves Constipation, non habit forming


Each 500 mg tablet contains:
Svarnapatri Cassia Angustifolia Lf. 1500 mg
Trivrit Operculina turpenthum Rt. 500 mg
Triphala 450 mg
Shunthi Zingiber Offinale Rz. 75 mg
Satahva Anethum Sow Fr. 150 mg
Svetajiraka Apium Leptophyllum Fr. 100 mg
Ajamoda Apium Leptophyllum Fr. 100 mg
Excipients Q.s.
Approved colours q.s.
Ref.: * AFI Part 1 q.s.

Dosage: 1-2 Tablets a day or as directed by physician safe ayurvedic proprietary medicine

Presentation: 1 Pack of 30 Tablets

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  • Benefits

    Senna leaf
    Increase peristalsis, lower the pH of colon, increase the water content of stool, making the stool soft

    Improves digestion & Regulates the bowel movement

    Saunf, ajwain & Jeera
    Helps to correct digestive problems
    Rich in fiber which absorbs more water, makes stool soft and ensure easy passage

    Best herbs for virechanna, I.e. therapeutic purgation
    Useful to relieve constipation

    Improves indigestion, corrects flatulence, useful in collitits & Hyperacidity and spasmodic pain