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Natural Pain Relieving Herbal Oil

Contrapain offers benefits of Nirgundi, Rasna, Erandamool, etc along with Gandhpura, pudinasatva & Ajwainsatva. It Provides Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, & Counter-Irritant Action.

Indications: Joint pain, Muscular pain & Spasms
Backache, stiff neck, frozen shoulder,
Effective in pain associsted with sciatica, cervical and ankylosing spondylitis


Each 2gm cream is made out of:
Erandamool Rt. 100 mg
Rasna Rt. 150 mg
Nirgundi patra Lf.. 150 mg
Karpuramu 1 mg
Gandhpura Taila . 1 mg
Pudinasatva 1 ml
Ajwainsatva 0.25 mg
Tailaparni Taila 6 ml
Katuveera 0 mg
Dalchini tala 0.5 ml
Laung Taila 0.5 ml
Mineral oil q.s.
Added as aqueous Extract.
Ref.: * AFI Part 1

Ref.: * AFI Part 1

Direction Of Use: Apply Liberally and gently on the affected area.
Massage lightly till absorbed.
Apply 3 – 4 Times a day

Presentation: 100ml of attractive Pack.

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  • Benefits

    What does Contrapain oil do for you and where to use it?

    – Penetrates deep to provide fast relief of pain and inflammation in sciatica, stiff neck, low backache, frozen shoulder, cervical, ankylosing spondylitis and arthritis.

    – Drives away pain to relax and soothe the patient

    – Removes swelling of joints and muscles

    – 100% herbal product

    – No side effects