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Onset of diabetes may lead to

Peripheral nerve degeneration
Poor immunity affects all the soft tissues

Holistic approach which takes complete care of diabetes the solution is 12 time tested versatile herbs along with jasad bhasam

Each capsule contains extracts of:
Asana Pterocarpus marsupium Ht. Wd. 630 mg
Meshashringi Gymnema sylvestre Lf. 504 mg
Karavellaka Momordica charantia Fr. 272 mg,
Jambu beeja Syzygium cuminii Sd.. 336 mg
Methika Trigonella foenum Sd. 400 mg
Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia St.. 125 mg,
Katuka Picrorhiza kurro Rz. 252 mg
Saptarangi Salacia oblonga St. Bk. 340 mg
Trivrith Operculina turpethum Rt. 136 mg,
Aswagandha Withania somnifera Rt. 100 mg
Sh. Shilajit Purified Asphaltum Ex. 840 mg
Jasad Bhasam 42 mg,
Trikatu* 180mg
Approved colors used in capsule shell
Ref.: * AFI Part 1

Dosage: 1-2 caps twice daily, ½ hour before meals or as directed by the physician

1) Adjuvant in the regulation of blood glucose and lipid metabolism.
2) Prevents triopathy complications, while supporting the functions of kidney, eyes and nerves.
3) Dispels fatigue, check excessive thirst and urination.
4) Acts as hepato-protective, cardio-protective and bowel regulator.
5) Anti oxidant and stress buster.

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  • Benefits

    Asana, Meshashringi, Saptarangi, Methika, Jambubeej, Karvellaka
    1) Have hypo glycemic effect
    2) Reduce blood glucose level, HBaLc level
    3) Decrease the fasting and pp blood glucose

    Methika, Shud shilajeet, Meshashringi, Trikatu
    1) Prevent hyper-lipidemia


    1)Helpful in relieving constipation
    2)Important in treatment of cough & pitta dominant disorders


    1) Relieves stress
    2) Improves energy levels

    Jasad bhasm, Kutki –
    1) Acts as anti –oxidant

    1) Improves Immunity