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The complete pain expert

Kalyaankar is a carefully formulated pain relieving herbal oil which offers benefits of Nirgundi, Dhatura, Erandamool etc. along with 7 herbal oils, karpoor & Pudinsatva. It offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory & counter-Irritant action.

Indications: Stiff neck, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Rheumatic Pain, Joint Pain, Backaches, Cervical pain, Ankylosing spondylitis, Muscular sprains and strains, Neuralgia.


Each 10 ml contains aqueous extracts derived from:
Nirgundi Lf Lf. 312 mg
Dhatura* W.P W.P. 187 mg
Arka* Lf Lf. 187 mg
Erandamool Rt Rt. 625 mg
Katuveera Fr Fr. 0.1 gm
Til taila O 2.5 gm
Gandhapura taila O 0.125 gm
LLP 2.93 gm
Lavang taila O 0.0625
Dalchini taila O 0.0625 gm
Tailaparni taila O 0.0125 gm
Ajwain satva 0.187 gm

Presentation: 60ml attractive pack

  • Benefits

    Nirgundi, Dhatura, Arka, Erandamool, Katuveera
    Penetrates to help lubricate the joint, reduces pain and increase circulation, Reduces pain by destroying substance P that normally conveys pain message to brain.

    Provides soothing pain relief by getting absorbed through the skin, creating cooling effect that acts as a mild local anaesthetic Inhibits catecholamine secretion.

    Taila – gandhapura, Lavang, Dalchini, Tailapani
    Penetrates deep, provides warmth sensation and soothes.

    Ajwainsatwa, Pudinasatwa
    Offers pain relief through counter-irritant effect.