• Pain Relieving Herbal Oil formulated with care
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Ensures warmth
  • Counter Irritant
  • Inhibits Cata-colamine secretions which cause pain
  • Joint pain, muscular pains & spasms
  • Backache, stiff neck, frozen shoulder
  • Effective in pains associated with sciatica, cervical and ankylosing spondylitis.

Recommended Use

60ml bottle

Apply oil on affected area. Massage gently till absorbed . For better results prior fomentation is recommended. Repeat as often as required

Product Info.

Kalyaankar is a carefully formulated pain relieving herbal oil which
offers benefits of Nirgundi, Dhatura, Erandamool etc. along with
7 herbal oils, karpoor & Pudinsatva.

It offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory & Counter-Irritant action.

Stiff neck, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder,

Rheumatic Pain, Joint Pain,Backaches,

Cervical pain, Ankylosing spondylitis,

Muscular sprains and strains, Neuralgia

Each 10 ml contains aqueous extracts derived from :
Nirgundi Lf 312 mg, Dhatura* W.P 187mg, Arka* Lf 187mg, Erandamool Rt 625 mg, Katuveera Fr 0.1gm and Til taila O 2.5 gm, Karpoor 0.625gm, Pudinasatva 0.625gm, Katrina taila O 0.062 gm, Tarpeen taila O 1.25gm, Gandhapura taila O 1.25 gm
LLP 2.93gm, Lavang taila O 0.0625gm, Dalchini taila O 0.0625gm,
Tailaparni taila O 0.125 gm, Ajwain satva 0.187 gm

Whats in it?

Eucalyptus Oil & Erandamool Oil (Ricinus communis)

Lubricates the joints, Ensures Blood Circulation
Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Cinnamon Oil & Loung Oil(Syzygium aromaticum)

Provide Warmth & Soothing effect

Wintergreen Oil & Camphor

Provides prompt relief & Soothing effect

Mint Extract

Relieves pain through Counter-Irritant effect