• A Multi Tasking herbal skin cream that heals…
  • Cuts, Wounds, Burns, Abrasions, Piles, Psoriasis
  • Exhibits Antibacterial action
  • Boosts macrophage response
  • Bolsters WBC production
  • Stimulates lymphatic system

Recommended Use

30gm tube

To be applied 2-3 times daily on the affected area.

Product Info.

Tenderheal is a multi-tasking, strong yet tender wound
healing cream which offers proven herbal ingredients
for faster healing

Neem/Karanja/Haridra/Khadira/Jasad Bhasma…heal wound faster and possess antibacterial & antifungal properties
Neem…..in Psoriasis…reduces swelling, redness and itching
Karanja, Tuttha and Neem…ameliorates symptoms of dry eczema


  • Cuts, Wounds,
  • Burns, Eczema,
  • Psoriasis, Scabies,
  • Abrasions,
  • Cracked heels & nipples

Each 2 gm is made out of :
Nimba (Lf) 100mg, Karanja (Lf) 50 mg, Haridra (Rz) 100mg,
Daruharidra (St) 50mg, Khadira (Ht wd) 50mg, Sh.Tuttha 50mg,
Sh.Tankan 25mg, Jasad bhasma 25mg, Cream base Q.S.

Whats in it?

Neem (Azadirachta indica)

Reduces redness ,swelling & itching in Psoriasis

Lemon Leaf

Act as a Versatile wound healer
Controls Fungal Infections

Khadira (Acacia catechu)

Ensures better Post operative healing(Fistula & Piles)