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For Performance & Energy

VATSYAYANPLUS is a specially designed formulation with 12 pure and proven scientifically documented herbs for power and energy. This product is made of powerful ingredients like Gokshura, Safed Musli,Salmali ghan, Aswaghanda etc… enriched with the power of Swarna bhasma (Gold), Kumkuma ghan(Kesar) & Mukta bhasma (Pearl).

Their specific advantages are:
– Rejuvenator-mood elevator
– Improves blood circulation
– Antioxidant
– All round immunity enhancer
– Antiageing
– Enhances libido and performance, etc.

What does Vatsyayan plus do for you and where to use it?
Maintains vigor, vitality and strength, Facilitates stamina build up and boosts energy level, lmpro’ves performance night and day, Good for both men and women, Increases youthful experience, 100% herbal product, No side effects

Composition: Each 500mg capsule contains:

Each 500mg Capsule contains :
Asvvanghandha ghan (Wlithania Somnifera) Rt. 65 mg
Atmagupta ghan (Mucuna pruriens) Sd. 150 mg
Gokshura ghan (Tribulus terrastris) Fr. 30 mg
Vidarikanda ghan (Ipomoea digitatal) Tb. 25 nos
Safed Musli ghan (Chlorophytum borivilianum) Rt. 50 mg
Sh.Shilajit* (Asphaltam) 50 mg
Salmali ghan (Bombax ceiba) St. Bk. 30 mg
Swarna Bhasma 0.1 mg
Muktabhasma 30 mg
Kumkuma ghan Sty & Stg 1 mg
Siddh makardwaj# 18.9 mg
Jasad bhasma* 50 mg
Approved colors used in capsule shell
Ref.: * AFI Part1 # Bhaishajya Ratnavali Rasayanadikar

Dosage & Directions for use:
– 1 to 2 capsules twice a day for atleast 45 days
– For people with Diabetes,Cardiovascular disease and senior citizens the duration of treatment may go upto 90-120 days
– For overweight and male infertility 2 capsules twice a day for 4-6 Months.
– Preferably Vatsyayan plus should be taken with warm milk after food.

Presentation: 1 Pack of 10 capsules

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  • Benefits

    Swarna Bhasma



    Safed Musli


    S. Makaradhwaja


    Mukta Bhasma